French With Feliz: French Lessons with my daughter

Hey guys,
So I am having a "proud mama" moment right now. I've always wanted for my children to speak French as I did growing up. But I failed at teaching them as babies. And boy did I get criticized for it! We don't speak French in my household since my husband is American. I only speak it occasionally now when I talk to my mother or sister, or long distance family and friends. But that still should not be and excuse, right? I met American parents who committed to teaching their children another language (usually Spanish) at home. I've always admired those people lol. But I guess as a young married/entrepreneur couple raising multiple kids, it slipped my mind to teach my children what "crème brulée" means. Instead I was focused on getting them to bed, or not burning themselves. I wanted them to know exactly what I was saying, when I said it. 

But then I had major regrets. I have friends who still resent their parents to this day for not teaching them their native tongue. It broke my heart to even think that my children would feel this away about me, and this thought alone became a good motivator to redeem myself and put the effort into teach them. 

So I came up with the idea of sharing these videos publicly, in hopes that this would also help other moms in my situation. I decided to do 10 videos, teaching 10 sentences in each to really get you guys (and my children) to learn French as quickly as possible. 

So I will upload this blog with each lesson for you to find them easily. 

I'm so thankful that I get to spend special moments like this one with my daughter. It makes it a lot easier to teach her now that she shows an interest! I still have to convince the others a little more lol. They understand for the most part. I will continue to make the effort. I'm not perfect. I'm just thankful to have a second change at this thing called "Motherhood"!
 I hope you guys will enjoy these lessons. Please feel free to leave me any comments and suggestions on what you would like to learn next!