2020 Intentionally

2020 Intentionally

Hey ya'll! I"m BAAACCK. I've taken a nice break to focus on my family, and most importantly myself. I was so nervous about it to be completely honest. I've always been so excited to post and share with you all was I was up to, but when it gets busy, it takes the fun away. So I decided to reconfigure. 

I love to share and post all my work and all my nonsense with you guys. And as a business owner, you do have to stay committed to creating new content and engagement. But it's no fun if you just do it for the sake of promoting your brand. Yes have a schedule and and consistency. But don't loose your authenticity over it. I want to be intentional and post things that are a pure reflection of me, things that matter to me, and things that will serve others. It is very important for me to enjoy what I do.

I've made some changes to Mélange Mode that I'm so excited about. It was hard for me to say "NO", but I think this will overall be wonderful for you and I. No more custom orders and made-to-order. I've bent my back so many times to please my loyal customers, at the sake of not being able to fulfill others. So I've taken a break this month, and created more inventory! Everything will now be ready-to-ship!!! This means that you will get your orders faster than ever! All purchases will ship within 1-2 business days. It's so hard for small business owners like myself to compete with bigger brans, but it's very important to serve our clientele just as well as bigger brands. So I hope you will enjoy this new update as much as I will. 

I will also take more time to create some intentional content for you guys. Although I already share so much of my personal trauma, I've held back on so many things that I have not yet had the courage to share. I don't just post or blog to get followers, sorry! I love the gratification of serving others. This fulfills me more than my recipients. So I will share some new "stuff", fun and not so fun, to help you live your best life (with me) in 2020. If you have questions of subjects you would like for me to touch on, reach out! Let's have fun, be transparent, grow, and LIVE together!

You guys have been such a big part of my healing, more than you know. I thank you so much for being a part of my support system. I wish you all the very best in 2020!!!


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