A Midi Sense of Style

Ok, so what better way to touch on my Afropean culture than with a beret paired with an African print midi skirt? As a matter of fact, did you know that "midi" means noon in French? Lol... I am so big on embracing my cultural differences between my white and black background. I feel like it's so needed to show a positive side of races coming together and not tearing each other apart which is what my brand is about, "Merging Cultures Through Fashion."
How tribal is this print?! The print on this Miranda Midi Skirt was very big and super busy so I decided to simplify the whole look by wearing black accessories. I still wanted to add a hint of boldness so I complemented it with a tribal necklace.
 You know how much I'm in love with my floor-length maxi skirts, but a midi length can easily create "sophistication" in a heartbeat. It's a fun way to show off your favorite pair of shoes and create the look of a cinched waist effortlessly. 
You couldn't tell me nothin' in this outfit, honey! I sashayed my way through these Atlanta streets as if I was in Paris with my beret and midi skirt.

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