A Romantic Print Affair

A Romantic Print Affair

I spend so many hours each week hunting for the perfect prints for my pieces. Out of the Gazillion prints out there, this one was an easy catch. The earthy tones, the tassel patterns, that the wine red (or burgundy hue) screamed "Fall". So I snatched it up immediately, and decided to make something very feminine out of it. 
African print maxi dress
I am totally in love with the Corina maxi dress! I kept the shapes simple with an easy off-the-shoulder playful top line, and focused more on displaying the ankara print throughout the dress to really accentuate  its beautiful pattern. I added a ruffle border to the bottom to add more feminine details. And then DA SPLIT! A little leg action is such a fun way to elegantly get a little flirty. 
I completed my look with some tasseled heels and earrings! The more tassels, the better lol! Hope you enjoy this number as much as I do!
This can also be customized and made in other African print selections. Just email me. xoxox


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Will you have more like this print?

Jennifer Averett

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