Dust yourself off!

Dust yourself off!

Oh an African print duster! I've longed for a duster for so long. A simple yet dramatic piece that effortlessly spices your outfit. You can literally step into your most comfortable outfit, throw on your duster, and be done. I wanted to edge it up a bit more by adding a small ruffle hem all around the neckline and opening. I mean why not? You can get regular dusters from the mall, but if you are a Melange Mode fashionista, you know that I like to add some extra sauce lol. 

Whenever I wear my African prints, I literally tone down everything else. I like for my print to make a statement. I love love love bold contrasting colors as well, so this royal blue and orange combination is right up my alley.

Gone with the wind! I'll be twirling around Atlanta for sure in my print duster. And I always make sure that my dusters, capes, or anything long is floor length. 

Yes, I am totally feeling myself! Any time I can step out without spending an hour figuring out what to wear, and still accomplish a killer style, I win! If you have not yet added African print to your closet, this duster is a safe and easy way to do so. I love it with jeans, or a solid color pencil dress, and it's so fab with a swimsuit!!! Enjoy. 




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Hi Sister!
I would like to order the ruffled open duster I just saw on PINTREST for $89.00, but don’t know quite how to order it FROM pintrest…smh… hence, I subscribed to your website. Could you please enlighten me about how to order this beautiful duster?!


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