Kimonos and Joggers: One Set, Two Ways

Kimonos and Joggers: One Set, Two Ways

I'm back! After taking some time to focus on my family, I have decided that it's time to return to blogging. I enjoy sharing African print fashion with you so it's only right that I continue bringing you the latest designs. 

Let's get into this kimono and jogger set. I must start by saying, this set is a whole mood! Choosing an outfit for the day has never been easier than wearing a two-piece set. Two-piece sets are one of the hottest trends in fashion right now. 

I chose to combine the African with a contrasting stripe detail that catches the eye. Even with that unique detail, you are still able to get the most out of mixing and matching your way! 

It's the versatility for me because, you can wear this set together or separately. The styling options are endless. Consider styling the kimono with a pair of jeans or shorts. Allow the joggers to shine on their own with a cute solid top. 

No matter how you pair this set, there is no doubt that you will love it. 
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