My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Snacks are a part of our everyday lives, and yet I think they tend to be taken for granted. They are there when you binge on your favorite TV shows, when you are feeling emotional, and when you are crunching to meet deadlines. Snacks make you FEEL GOOD, and the snack industry is aware of that. So they sale you all the junk that taste good but isn't necessarily good for you. 

Healing from Lymphoma is opening my eyes to be more conscious of what I eat. But that isn't always fun. Let's be honest here. Everything that is good for you doesn't always appeal to your taste buds. So after numerous epic fails of trying to find healthy AND tasty snacks, I found a few that meet my needs: DELICIOIUS AND NUTRITIOUS!


Snacklins have different flavors options, but my favorite one of all is the Miso Ginger! I've never had a ginger chip before, and it's so good. It's not strong at all, and I love that they think outside the box with their flavor options. I also love the fact that they are so CRUNCHY!!!

This is me watching the US OPEN lol! At 80 calories a bag, you WILL eat the whole bag! Sugar is Cancer's best friend, so I try to stay away from it, so finding foods with no sugar is a plus. Yes, even chips contain sugar (most white foods metabolizes as sugar in your body), so at zero grams of sugar, I love this brand even more. You can find Snacklins on IG @eatsnacklins and #EatTheWholeBag.


Although it's important for me to eat healthy due to my Cancer, I also make sure to protect my children's health by buying snacks like these Super Foods Cookies. How cute is this super hero theme btw? This brand is also NON GMO Certified, gluten free, vegan, and packed with flavor. My favs are the chocolate heroes made with chia, quinoa & coconut oil.

I love it when Jackson requests these for lunch! I let him pick what he wants to eat often (hint the turkey sandwich) and feel great when he chooses these super cookies knowing that they are a healthy snack option. They are offering a 20% discount right now with code SuperKid20 !!!


I've been in love with this cute mini cookies from High Key for a long time now. I guess the small bites make you feel less guilty about eating so many cookies lol. But they are soo good that I don't like sharing them with the kids! I love that they are a good source of protein too! These are awesome for those on a Keto diet as they stick with the low carb and gluten free factors.
Now this new product my friends is what I call pure sorcery! Their new NUT BUTTER made with coconut and MCTdamia is crazy good! I just tried it. It's so delish, I was surprised. I actually love that it comes in these convenient little packs because I can take them to go and pack a few Hezekiel bread slices to spread it on. Let me know if you try it because this is heaven in a pack! Enjoy 10% their product with my personal code YVONNE10.
I went raw vegan for a long time during this healing journey and gradually came back to a diverse diet. I wouldn't even eat a peppermint! I controlled everything that  I put in my mouth. I finally said "Lord, if a peppermint will kill me, TAKE ME NOW". So I focus on balance now. I eat pretty healthy and treat myself from time to time. These are my treats! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Share your treats with me as well in the moment box below. HAPPY SNACKING!

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