My Sophisticated Yet Chique Print Blazers

My Sophisticated Yet Chique Print Blazers

Being from Africa & Europe, I really enjoy combining both cultures into my pieces. So I decided to create blazers that still have boldness of the print, but are conservative enough to wear to the office and after hours. I'm so excited about these blazers and I hope you are too.

When I chose the print for my Simone Blazer, I was totally drawn to its electrifying pattern. I love the multiple color blends of this print. It's so fun to pair with your daily jeans or a simple solid pencil skirt. I also picked a striped liner that would make each blazer stand out from typical blazers that you would purchase at the mall. 

I'm such a big fan of green and gold that this was such an easy print to select for my next blazer, the Grace Blazer. I love the bow pattern throughout the print which makes it very appropriate for the holidays. Just an easy way to show your holiday spirit and still be in style. I mean, who really loves those Christmas sweaters?

I like that this print has so many brown and rusty orange hues which is so perfect for the fall. This Samantha Blazer has a real tribal feel to it, which is kind of cool to keep the African print originality. Since the print is nice and vibrant, I kept it simple and paired it with my Unbothered graphic tee. 

The Laura Blazer has a flower pattern that makes it so feminine. If you're not a red and green person, the combination of purple, orange, and brown is so fun to wear during the holiday season. Throw on a Flirty graphic tee underneath to keep it fun and sassy when you wear it with jeans. You can of course throw any of these blazers over your solid office wear to give your work wardrobe a twist. 

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