Atlanta Food And Wine Festival

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival: Things you need to know!

Ok. Fall is here, which means it's Festival Season. The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is a popular one in the city. I've been wanting to go for many years, and with its post COVID return, it did not disappoint. With a selection of top chefs and liquor connoisseurs, I indulged in endless tastings, good music, and the beautiful outdoors of Atlanta's Historic Fourth Ward Park.
To ensure a good time, here are a few tips to help you prepare to attend the festival:

 Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

The event tickets includes unlimited food, drinks, and live entertainment. Buy VIP tickets!!! This is a two-day weekend event, but you can choose to purchase a one-day pass. I highly recommend the VIP entry so that you enter prior to the general public. Getting there early reduces the waiting time to get served at each booth, and you can capture the beauty of the park and each booth before it gets crowded.

 Atlanta Food and wine festival
I whether you know your way around the city or not, I would suggest an Uber to get there. Due to the large crowd, some of the streets gets closed off for safety, and it's a challenge to find a good parking spot.
When it comes to fashion, Atlanta comes ready! Gather your cutest outfit, but make sure it incorporates comforts, and lightness. ATLANTA IS HOT (HOTLANTA), even in September! I wore my cute skater dress. It has an elastic waist band and POCKETS!!! And make sure to wear comfortable shoes to enjoy walking around the park and dance after a few drinks lol.

 African print dress Atlanta food and wine festival

You will enjoy so many different vendors that you may not remember them all at the end of the day. Make sure to grab a business card from each booth to jog your memory later. Some may only sale their products online. Or come from different states. So getting their information for later is key!

 Atlanta food and wine festival

This is such a nice event for a cute date, or a friend outing! Some people come alone. I met so many gals who came along, and after good conversations, people assumed we were a group of friends (but that might be just me, I'm very social). Either way, come with responsible people who will make sure that everyone get home safely after a few drinks from the festival. 

 Atlanta food and wine festival
I hope these few tips are helpful in preparing you to attend this amazing festival. If you plan on attending, please reach out and let me know so we can hug it out at the next one :). 
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