About Me

Yvonne G Pearson Atlanta Influencer

I was born in the Ivory Coast, raised in Belgium and France, and move to the US when I was twelve. Boy it was tough to change homes, make new friends at school, but the most challenging part was to adapt to new cultures. I needed to adjust new climates, new foods, and new languages. 

Was adapting to new lifestyles difficult? Sure it was. But I can now truly appreciate all the cultural exposure that came along with it. I get to pass my heritage, traditions, and childhoods stories to my kids. I also get to share this part of me with you guys on my website, social media, and through my clothing line and products that highlight a different part of my life journey.

 I continue to expose my multicultural diversity through my brand, Mélange Mode, and share my most personal moments with my audience to give a glimpse of hope to others who are navigating through similar life experiences. Feel free to contact me and share your personal experience as well. xoxoxo